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Privacy Policy

Audi Delhi Central does not collect user information without permission. Information of a general nature, such as the web browser you use, the OS used, domain names of Internet service providers and country of access may be sourced automatically and without prejudice. The information collected does not give Audi Delhi Central any knowledge of users’ identity and personal information. These data are automatically generated when users visit any web page, and they are not a function specific to Audi Delhi Central pages.

The information users provide on certain sections of the Audi Delhi Central website, such as when browsing through Audi cars with price or when requesting the Audi car price in Delhi, including but not limited to personal details, transaction details (which entails displaying the user’s account details/ credit or debit card details) is used only for Audi Delhi Central records for purposes of recollection, after sales service, service and warranty information and reminders, payment gateways and the like.

No part of the information supplied by visitors of the Audi Delhi Central website is made public in any manner whatsoever. Employees of Audi Delhi Central are beholden to keep every user’s information private and strictly confidential.