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Rashy Todd- Director of Audi Delhi Central

From the Director's Desk

We owe our excellence to our patrons. Their faith in us drives our constant endeavour to deliver the best cars and services, thus helping us improve our performance every day. Our customers are the barometer of our success, and their opinion of us and our services is the only thing that helps us redefine our ethos.

This has helped us deliver not just exceptional cars in the luxury and sports segments across all Audi models, but also noteworthy car purchase and after-sales experiences. Our patrons see us for what we are: reliable, progressive and humane. Their confidence in us helps us follow our own Quality Policy every day. It is due to our valued customers that we have constructed and implemented a Quality System that adheres to industry standards.

Every employee is clued in to our vision statement and the tenets it embodies. Thus, we are committed to achieving the company’s core objectives in a spirit of constant excellence. Here’s thanking our customers, associates and employees for contributing to the growth of Audi across the globe.

Rashy Todd
Managing Director
Audi Gurgaon, Audi Delhi Central & Audi Approved Plus