Given the popularity of luxury cars in India, the top brands Audi, Mercedes and BMW were said to have keyed in combined sales in the range of 31,000-33,000 units for 2015. This is according to an article published by The Hindu on January 1, 2016. Of this huge number, the total sales attributed to Audi alone, was estimated to be 11,000 units. The top three luxury brands have been competing neck to neck offering a wide range of selection at competitive prices. The reason for Audi’s popularity can also be attributed to the fact that Audi car price offers value for money given the range of features it offers.

Ex-Showroom Range of Luxury Cars
The Below 50 Lakhs Range: Most of the first time owners of luxury segment belong in this range. There is a wide range of choice within this segment and moreover, there are many attractive financing options that makes it even more feasible to be the owner of a luxury sedan. Audi car price is very competitive and so are the financing options that they offer, thereby making very popular. Some of the most popular cars in this segment are Audi A3, Audi A4, Mercedes Benz A, C and CLA-class as well as the BMW-1 class. While the price range is the same for these models, the real differentiator becomes the features on offer. This makes Audi the clear winner with younger crowds who have a need for speed, coupled with style and efficiency. This explains why the average Audi buyer is 30-35 years old. It is also preferred among those who are tech-friendly as Audi offers maximum innovations in the field.

The Above 50 lakhs Range: There is no dearth of clients for this segment either, given that India has recently become the eleventh country in the world to have the most number of millionaires. The very popular Mercedes E class has been a symbol of achievement for decades now. The S class has been associated with even more pride traditionally. The Audi A6, R8, Q3, Q7, BMW M3 and M5 are other popular models. Super luxury sports car makers like Ferrari, Rolls Royce, etc. which go into the price range of multiple crores, do not share their sales record but are conjectured to have a niche crowd that endorses them.

It is important to keep in mind that the ex-showroom Audi car price is not the total amount that a person is required to pay. This price is exclusive of registration costs, road tax, insurance and logistics cost. Moreover, ex-showroom prices vary from state to state as some may include octroi charges and other taxes. For instance, the ex-showroom price in Delhi is lower than that of Mumbai.