If you are looking for Audi cars with prices, you should know that the amount you find are ex-showroom prices which can vary from place to place. Moreover, the final cost that you will have to bear will be larger than the quoted amount. This is because the on-road price of a vehicle also includes registration costs, lifetime road tax, mandatory insurance and dealer and logistics charges. Naturally, you would have to account for additional warranty charges or accessories charges if you have opted for those upgrades on the basic offer. Therefore, when you are looking for Audi cars with prices, do not forget to account for the city from which you expect to make the purchase along with the other formalities you have to fulfill before you can sit behind the wheel.

Audi Cars with Prices

A3: The A3 sedan was launched at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2014 and was marketed as Audi’s cheapest car in India. The ex-showroom price of the basic variant was 22.95 lakhs, while the same for top variant was 32.66 lakhs.

A3 Cabriolet: The soft-top version of the A3 sedan became the most affordable cabriolet in India at the time of its launch in December 2014. The ex-showroom price of the car in Delhi was 44.75 lakhs.

A4: This classy sedan was launched way back in 2008 in India and is said to be the most sold model made by Audi. It comes in four variants, the basic of which is priced at 37.87 lakhs, while the top variant is available for 47.26 lakhs.

A6: The Audi A6 recently launched a facelift version in 2015, which comes equipped with matrix headlights and a new entertainment system. It comes in three variants, the lowest of which is priced at 45 lakhs and the highest at 95.25 lakhs ex-showroom price.

A8: Audi A8 was first launched in India in 2013 and then underwent an upgrade in 2014 when it was launched as A8 L where L stands for long wheelbase version. The new model is available in four variants – two petrol and two diesel, and the pricing ranges from 1.33 crores to 1.87 crores.

Q3: The Audi Q3 facelift was launched in June 2015 with a few cosmetic changes and in four different variants. The lowest variant is priced at 28.99 lakhs whereas the highest is priced at 37.5 lakhs.

Q5: Audi Q5 is available in four variants in India – the Premium and the Technology Packs which range from 57 lakhs to 72.90 lakhs in Delhi showrooms.

Q7: If you are up to date with Audi cars with prices, you will know that the Q7 2016 was recently launched in two variants and is said to be one of the best value for money automobiles at 72 lakhs.

S6: The Audi S6 2013 is a powerful saloon available at the powerful price of 86 lakhs.

RS5: The RS5 coupe may be one of the best looking cars that accentuates the four circles representing Audi. It is priced from 1.1crore onwards.

RS6 and RS7: These are the cars that the formula one fans will be vying for. RS6 Avant is priced at 1.4 crores and so is the Sportback RS7.

TT: Launched in April 2015, the Audi TT has a price tag of 60.34 lakhs and bespeaks style all the way.

R8: The most expensive Audi available in India, the R8 coupe pays homage to motor sport on city roads. It is priced between 1.7 crore to 2.9 crore ex-showroom cost.