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The Audi RS6 Avant Sports Car in India

The man among the boys

Superstar looks, an intelligent brain and the pinnacle of efficiency…what more does one need from a car? That is precisely what you will feel when you take your first look at the Audi RS6 Avant sports car in India. This could well be the start of your love affair with an exciting, manly super sports car in Delhi that will catapult you to the big leagues.

Standing apart from others in its class, this speed machine is the last word in raw power. Its outstanding power-to-weight ratio and massive 700 Nm torque propel it from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 3.9 seconds. If that’s not fast enough for you, maybe this is – this sports car goes up to top speeds of 305 km/hr too and is now available in Delhi!

Matching its enormous speed are its intelligent on-demand eight cylinders that gauge the driving conditions of this Audi car before switching into operational mode. Plus, there’s the Audi valve lift system that is smart enough to switch off injection and ignition to suit the terrain and speed. And all this, while the engine keeps its peace – your drive will always be completely silent even at the highest speeds.

Audi RS6
Audi drive select
RS6 Bose Surround Sound
Bose Surround Sound
Audi RS6 Glass Sunroof
Panoramic glass sunroof
Audi RS6 Car Seats
4 zone automatic air conditioning