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The Audi A8L

It’s where aspiration meets visual reality

The Audi A8 commands the position of top of the range, not without sufficient reason. Across its length, width and height, it affords a luxury experience that is better than the best, refined many times over.

It boasts of the finest picks in terms of technology, style, as well as comfort. It is built on the light-weight aluminium Audi Space Frame, powered by high-performance versions of the TDI engine and equipped with efficiency features to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Thus, it is geared to embrace the challenges of future-mobility. For comfort of driving and riding, it offers a wide variety of standard and optional sophisticated technologies ranking it amongst the best luxury cars available.

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Audi A8 Backlights
Audi A8 L
Glass Roof
Panoramic glass roof
Audi A8 Lights
Matrix Headlamps